fairy hair extensions @ our 3rd thursday art show

If you missed out on Fairy Hair Last month don't worry! Manda is coming back Thursday 6/15 to give you your sparkle!

Let Manda help you connect to your inner sparkly "Rare Bird" & share it with the world! Wear it on the outside with "fairy hair", garment silk thread hair extensions! 
Manda's unique sessions include color selection, plus energetic sound-healing, fairy-blessing, aromatherapeutic mini-spa experience that will leave you feeling invigorated & inspired. 

WARNING: Fairy Hair can be highly addictive & "fairy" contagious! 


All the colors of the rainbow- 18 color choices!! She's happy to suggest good combos


5 minutes/3 strands/$5

10 min/6 strands/$10

10 min/*10 strands/$15, (minimum # recommended)

15 min/*14 strands/$20, (most popular)

20 min/*20 strands/$30 (2nd most popular)

Cash, PayPal or Venmo

TIME/SIGN UPS: Please allow apx 1 min per strand all inclusive. Sign up for a time slot & ask questions when you arrive. 

See you on 3rd Thursday, June 15th, 6-9pm at Rare Bird! 

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