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Chakra Art Journey 7/18

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If you've ever been curious about what it means to be present, or in your body, this class is an opportunity to practice using your inner and outer intuition. Imagine not only creating art but creating your life to become the best expression of you! The chakra system is a series of seven energy centers with different themes that evolve in your life from the physical to the spiritual.

This will be a 7 week experiential class in which Adi will be teaching active meditation techniques like grounding and visualizations. Then she will guide you to explore the unique qualities of each chakra and release the blocks that interfere with it's function. 
We will also use the art of self reflective collage to let each chakra speak to you.  At the end, there will be a final meditation for affirmations geared towards each chakra, and there will be time to share insights.

There will be a short intro describing meditation techniques and the chakra system.  Please bring a flat cushion for your comfort, as you will be sitting on stools at the beginning of class.

Know Your Chakras - Know Yourself!

Week One:  First chakra, located at the perineum.  Reflects your physical life or body, security needs,  group and tribe connections.
Week Two: Second chakra, located at your lower belly.  Reflects your emotional life, relationships, desires, money, and abundance.
Week Three:  Third chakra, located at your solar plexus.  Reflects your personal power, stamina, self esteem and will.
Week Four:  Fourth chakra,  located at your sternum.  Reflects how you give and receive love, forgiveness, and commitment.
Week Five: Fifth chakra,  located at your throat.  Reflects your ability to speak truth and to create your own truth.
Week Six:  Sixth chakra,  located at your forehead.  Reflects your intuition, observations, trusting your visions and having an open mind.
Week Seven:  Seventh chakra,  located at the top of your head.  Reflects your connection to the divine, higher self and knowing truth from lie.
All Materials Included! 


Skill Level
all skill levels welcome

Age Group

Guided By
Adi Shakti

Dates & Times
Tuesday's, July 18, 25, August 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29, 2017, 6pm-8pm

Cancellation Policies
please visit our policies & privacy page.

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