Sacred, Personal, Portable - Heart Song Infused Altar Cloths 4/14

Sacred, Personal, Portable - Heart Song Infused Altar Cloths 4/14

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All cultures around the world have used sound and symbols for healing purposes. Mothers sing lullabies for their babies or use comforting sounds to calm them down. In some traditions, particularly in the Amazon, women visualize their healing songs as geometric patterns and hand stitch or paint these sacred images onto cotton cloths. The combination of this vibration of the voice and symbolism of the designs creates powerful healing.

Inspired by these traditions and their own practices, Manda and Minna have created this workshop for you- where they will offer some insights into the basics of sacred song and symbol-making, while gently guiding you to find your own heart song and create its’ physical representation in the form of a portable self care altar cloth. We will guide you to feel rhythms and elements in your body- then bathe you in live acoustic sound vibration so your mind is free to explore and visualize your heart’s personal message of healing.

Please know that your Heart Song is for you alone and is not intended to be shared. After creating our Altar-cloths, Manda and Minna will offer some insights into the meaning of colors and symbolism from different cultures, that may help to deepen understanding about your personal altar cloth. You will have an option to add a felted charm with aromatherapy oils to amplify the vibration of your cloth!

In this workshop we will: Use vocal and body percussion to release the mind Learn about shamanic power songs and their use in everyday situations Create your own heart song to support and protect in all areas of life Learn about meaning of symbols and colors Tune in to create a personal altar cloth Immerse in acoustic healing sounds and drones.

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All Materials Included! 

Dates & Times
Sunday, April 14th, 3:00 - 6:00pm

Age Group
adults & mature young adults

Guided By
Manda Stretch & Minna Sivola

Manda Stretch is a certified sound & energy healer, improvisational sacred songwriter/percussionist, Spiritual Life Coach for Chronic Creatives & all-round Professional Fairy. She is the creator of Very Fairy Manda’s -Fairy Hair Spa (a Mindful alchemy of sound, scent, synchronicity & hair sparkles) & Co-creator of Very Fairy Events (mindful & magical- musical storytelling & theater games). She also performs improvisational music with an SF Playback Theater company (drama therapy w audiences) and Circle of Soul (Co-founder of this earth honoring ritual performance community of singers). Her passion is embodying and holding space for authentic, mindful music & art-making...Dharma Art!

Minna Sivola is a certified sound healing practitioner, teacher and mentor. In her private sound healing sessions, workshops and public events, Minna creates a nurturing and safe space for rejuvenation and harmony. Drawing on her direct experience and extensive studies, Minna blends sound healing and multiple body based practices to induce and empower wellbeing. Her work is a combination of sound healing protocols, somatic practices, intuition, shamanism, deep listening, guided meditation and sacred geometry.