Self Care Gift Box

Self Care Gift Box

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Love on yourself!  You deserve it. 

This gift box includes: 

  • One package of Gem & Honey Infused Bath Salts by Wild Honey Apothecary. Scent pack will vary, but they are all amazing, so no worries! 
  • One Etched Palo Santo stick. Designs vary and each one is absolutely beautiful.
  • Mixed Herb Smudge Bundle foraged & bundled in California by White Sage Wellness.

    Why We Love It!

This little gift package is the perfect nudge to encourage self care. Draw a nice hot bath infused with amazing scented bath salts, burn Palo Santo or your mixed herb smudge bundle to clear the energy of your space, encourage stagnant energy to move and set new intentions. It's a perfect trio for anyone who needs a little self care.