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Rare Bird Creative Consulting

business consulting

Rare Bird can help you grow your creative brand!

These consulting sessions are geared toward artists, makers, and entrepreneurs who want to grow their handmade business.  They are perfect for anyone who is just beginning this journey or is already on it and wants to take their business to the next level. Rare Bird specializes in helping the creative entrepreneur build their brand in the retail and wholesale marketplace.  

Erica has 15+ years of experience as an artist, maker, arts educator and brick & mortar business owner. She has direct experience with which products sell well, pricing structures, packaging and branding tips, what buyers are looking for, how to reach out to new stores and how to make the process easy and seamless for you and your clients. 

Sometimes moving from the maker's studio to the business arena can feel hard. Maybe you've hit a road block or feel a lack of motivation in your creative business. Sometimes you just need another person to bounce ideas off of who is in the industry. There are so many resources out there to help small business owners but often they do not answer your exact, unique questions.

If you already have a well oiled, handmade machine that you want to see grow, we can explore widening your client base, when to hire out, how to expand your product offerings, why a sales rep may be beneficial, easy wholesale buying systems, and more! 

Rare Bird Creative Consulting is here to make the process easier, share tricks of the trade and help your brand shine. Together we can find solutions, carve pathways, figure out the next steps that will work for your handmade business. 

Rare Bird Creative Consulting session includes:

  • 2 hour phone consult: We will dive into your business, learn about your goals, roadblocks, and needs then develop solutions, a plan, and action items to grow your dreams.
  • A follow up email detailing our consultation, your plan of action & resources to help you reach those goals.

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what people are saying...

"Working with Erica helped me grow my product line in a scalable, sustainable way from the beginning.  Her insight likely saved me years of growing pains and gave me valuable industry understanding.  She helped me find a clear, profitable path forward when I needed it most." - Ellen Ercolini, Maker of Root and Sky

"I am so very happy that I connected with Erica! I came with a list of questions, overwhelmed, and not knowing where to begin on my wholesale journey; Erica gave me straightforward, actionable, feedback that sent me off excited to begin! I will continue to seek out her experience, wisdom and artist eye as my business grows." - Merril Seidl, Artist behind More the Merrlier

"When I first met Erica I wanted to be a vendor/artist in her store at Rare Bird. She accepted me with open arms and I had my first solo show there followed by another group show a year later. It went very well but most of all Erica and her staff were always on top of it. Keeping the artist organized and helped with promoting them so they could continue to create their art. Erica has a calming sense to her personality. Even keel and relaxed yet fun, outdoorsy and artistic. Her smile makes you feel welcome.
It was shortly after my show that my husband and I decided to open up our own shop. Always admiring what Erica was doing I came to her for advice. Since she had already been through 5 years of it, I figured she was well seasoned. We found as a couple that it was hard to delegate tasks where our strengths were strongest. We kept bumping heads because there was so much to do when starting out and didn't know who should do what. This is where Erica came to us with a little "retail therapy" as I like to call it. She sat down with us for 3 hours, helped us figure out our strengths and weaknesses, pulled together all of our thoughts and put a plan to action. She relieved us by equaling out tasks by being super organized, fun and to the point. Major brainstorming was in action and by the end of our meeting we were more clear what our ultimate goals were and what we wanted to accomplish.
I would recommend Erica to anyone needing help organizing their business and coming up with a plan for where you want to be." - Kelly Nicolaisen, owner of Mom & Pop Art Shop