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Teambuilding Workshops

Plan your next team building workshop with us

Rare Bird has been cultivating community through the arts since 2010 and uniting teams through hands-on creative activities is one of our favorite ways to play! We have hosted companies such as Clif Bar, Plum Organics, CBRE, and dozens of other small & big businesses throughout the Bay Area.

Craft workshops are an engaging way to get out of the office environment and engage with another side of your personality. Our corporate crafting workshops encourage team building activities, group bonding, and foster camaraderie while having fun and being creative. 

Check out our suggestions for team building workshops:

  • candle making 
  • terrarium building
  • encaustic wax 
  • jewelry making 
  • collaging
  • textile appliqué
  • fiber art wall hangings
  • perfume making
  • guided meditation & art 
  • feel free to suggest or ask about additional offerings 

In each workshop all participants leave with a product they crafted, a newfound sense of creativity and fun, and a deeper connection to their colleagues.  Our studio is also available to rent before or after your class for a team meeting or catered lunch, and please feel free to bring your own refreshments and snacks for your crew. 

To book your next event contact Erica at erica (at)