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By Nieves Dabble Bag

  • $ 20.00

By Nieves!

  • $31 value for $20 bucks!
  • 1oz Cloud of Protection
  • .25oz of Face Fix
  • 2oz of Bath Salt
  • .5oz of The Balm
  • .25oz of "C" Perfect Skin

Why We Love It

This cute screen printed cotton bag includes a travel size Cloud of Protection and trial sizes of The Balm, Bath Salt, Face Fix and “C” Perfect Skin, as well as some sassy instructions to encourage the enjoyment of all five of the goodies.

Mix a mask of Face Fix with apple juice, honey or
whatever you desire and apply.

Draw a hot bath, enhance the water with Bath Salt
and relish the warm fragrant air.

Get in the tub and chill out.

Emerge and slather your body with The Balm

Anoint your face with “C” Perfect Skin.

Appreciate your clean and perfectly pampered self.
Go forth and spread the joy.


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