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By Nieves "C" Perfect Skin

  • $ 35.00

“C” Perfect Skin by Nieves helps reduce the appearance of aging, sun damage, dark spots and scarring, while protecting against further damage. Your skin will look and feel beautifully smooth, soft, moisturized and healthy — with youthful clarity restored.

• No pore clogging ingredients, beneficial for all skin types, even oily skin.
• Anti-aging moisturizer penetrates to repair the look of damaged skin
• Visibly minimizes wrinkles, reverses discoloration and smoothes scars
• Encourages healthy elastin and collagen
• Highly concentrated, enough to use daily for 2 to 5 months
• Contains Ascorbyl Palmitate, an oil soluble, highly stable form of vitamin C
• Gender neutral scent
• Prevents free radical damage from stress, sun, smoke etc.
• Not a sunscreen but can help reduce sun damage, will turbo boost your sunscreen.
• Encourages elimination of clogged pores, blackheads and milia
• Excellent under make up

Note: The cloudiness at the bottom is extra Ascorbyl Palmitate the oil soluble Vitamin C. 

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