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charlie ramos >>> january - march 2016

Charlie Ramos is a figurative painter, editorial illustrator and graphic artist  who currently works at Pixar Animation Studios. He was born in Texas and grew up in Chiapas, Mexico, and now splits his time living in Spain and in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

During his childhood in Mexico, Ramos was exposed to the work of the Mexican muralists, Diego Rivera and Jose Clemente Orozco, and began painting at an early age. Later as a student studying art, art history, and illustration in San Francisco, he became interested in the German Expressionist movement.  While influenced by these aesthetic styles and movements, Ramos's work speaks to the current moment, as he evokes moods and explores emotions in the unexpected through distortion of form and color. 
Ramos currently lives and works in Oakland, CA.

Meet Charlie & view his work at Rare Bird for our featured artist receptions.
Opening Reception: 3rd Thursday, January 21st, 6-9pm
Closing Reception: 3rd Thursday, March 17th, 6-9pm

Check out more of Charlie's work here.

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