Drawing with Color Pencil: Butterflies & Moths 10/20
Drawing with Color Pencil: Butterflies & Moths 10/20
Drawing with Color Pencil: Butterflies & Moths 10/20
Drawing with Color Pencil: Butterflies & Moths 10/20

Drawing with Color Pencil: Butterflies & Moths 10/20

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Join Jennifer Linderman, local mixed media artist and explore the exciting world of botanical subjects! This is a beginner to intermediate level drawing class using Prismacolor Colored Pencils.

Botanic subjects have inspired and captivated people from all walks of life since the beginning of time. In this class Jennifer will lead students step-by-step in rendering a variety of different botanic subjects each month such as leaves, branches, flowers, plants, seed pods, fruits, vegetables and many more! 

Jennifer will teach the students tricks of the trade in colored pencil such as color matching, layering, blending, adding texture, and finishing touches. 
Jennifer will bring in her own nature samples for each class or you may also bring your own! Join us to learn more about this beautiful art form and learn how to use colored pencils in ways you never thought possible!

There are only 10 seats open for this class. Register to hold your space. 

Materials Included! 

Date & Time
Sunday, October 20th, 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Jennifer Linderman

I am a Mom of two children and live in Oakland with my husband and a few pets. My background is nursing but once I began having children I left my profession to spend time with my family. My creative drive (which I never even knew I had) grew strong during this time and has evolved and blossomed to where I am today. I own my own business, Origami Mami where I teach Origami to elementary school-aged kids in the East Bay. That being said, I call myself a practitioner of art and crave showing others what I have learned on my creative journey! Since I am self-taught I have been able to learn things the way I want to learn them while taking in the structure and formalities of art lessons at my own pace. For the past four years I have taken an ongoing botanical illustration class and chose to use colored pencil to be my guide. It has suited me quite well and I want to help others demystify the colored pencil and demonstrate my tricks of the trade for this very versatile media. I am a huge supporter of the DIY movement which is how I have learned so much about mixed media wherein my passions grow deep. Currently, I am painting portraits with botanical elements using watercolor, acryla gouache, ink, collage and anything else that comes my way! Anything is possible when it comes to art!

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