Intuitive Tarot Workshop 1/21
Intuitive Tarot Workshop 1/21

Intuitive Tarot Workshop 1/21

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In this workshop Mary will guide you in developing your intuitive abilities through the tarot. Whether you would like to read tarot for personal use or for others, this class will help demystify the meaning behind the cards, and what they mean to you. We will focus on everything from setting yourself up for a focused reading, rituals for protection and grounding, understanding the major and minor arcana, tapping into your unique psychic abilities and much more. This workshop will allow you to build a deeper connection with your spirit guides, your higher self and the universe around us. Beginners and practiced readers of all levels are encouraged to join. Emphasis of this workshop will be placed on the major arcana. Please bring your own tarot deck, notepad and something to write with.  You may also arrive early to purchase a deck at Rare Bird.

Skill Level

everyone welcome

Mary Grisey 

Mary has taught workshops in the past at shops/boutiques as well as formal art classes at a college/university as a professor. She teachers natural dye, weaving, sculpture, drawing, painting, tarot and astrology workshops. You can find Mary at Social Study Store in LA, The Spirit House Collective in LA, The House of Intuition in LA, Sonomama in LA, Otherwild in LA, Likely General in Toronto, The Paper House in Toronto and Xpace Gallery.

Dates & Times
Sunday, January 21st, 12 - 2pm

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