Fairy Hair Spa 2/20
Fairy Hair Spa 2/20
Fairy Hair Spa 2/20
Fairy Hair Spa 2/20
Fairy Hair Spa 2/20

Fairy Hair Spa 2/20

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Very Fairy Manda’s FairySpa Experience

An Alchemy of Sound, Scent, Synchronicity & Hair Sparkles! 

Let Manda help you connect to your inner sparkly "Rare Bird" & share it with the world! Wear it on the outside with "fairy hair", garment silk thread hair extensions! Tune & Harmonize your body, mind & spirit... feel blessed & relaxed & supported... then wear that feeling in your hair for you & the world to enjoy!! Pure Magic...

Date & Time:
Thursday, February 20th
, Twenty minute appointment

20 minute sessions, $35 each, tips are loved. Each session includes: 

  • a brief hair-silks color consult
  • A magical aromatherapy tuning fork sound bath of release, relaxation & rejuvenation 
  • Up to 15 sparkling fabric threads of dreams, intentions, aspirations & whimsical protection woven into your hair for 1-3 months, maybe longer
  • Short, curly, hair-extensions, wigs, beards, etc all welcome 
  • 3” extended hair length or longer is required for proper installation. Boys & men w 3” of hair length are also welcome 

*Fairy Hair is fabric, not plastic, and tied to a single strong hair. (No glue or beads are used) Fairy Hair will conceivably hold up to most hair treatments- heating tools, color, bleach, cuts, etc, and feels & behaves much like your own hair. Yanking, plucking & catching the strands by accident is how they tend to leave you- plus natural everyday shedding, of course. 

Much like a manicure- the sparkles can last longer if YOU decide to treat them more gently. 

Everyone’s hair holds them differently (lasting a few weeks, to months or even YEARS!) & all ages 1-100 are welcome. Mothers, daughters, grandmothers alike will find FairySpa joyfully addictive & contagious!! 

Why We Love it!

“Fairy Hair has changed my Life... every few months I go see Manda for another session, sometimes bringing my daughter or granddaughter along. She uses aromatherapy, tuning forks & other healing instruments, with life-affirming fairy blessings to remind me in unique ways to let go & feel more free! I love this regular reminder - this is REAL Fairy Magic!” 

WARNING: Fairy Hair can be highly addictive & "fairy" contagious!

Manda Stretch

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