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fernanda martínez gutiérrez >>> july - september 2017

I am a self-taught mexican artist based in Oakland, California.

Drawing and painting were very common activities during my childhood; but it was until college that I designed and manufactured a folk jewelry line, Guhni. I graduated in communications and pursued a business carreer in Mexico where I grew up and lived.

After a few years working in retail and fashion I moved to California where I finally created La Tinta, my personal brand and form of expression. My art has a highly expressive spirit, it speaks for itself through its fascinating colors and explores the relation with environment by incorporating nature elements. My preferred mediums are gouache and acrylic along with a twist, I attempt to show a reflective perspective in each aspect of my work.

Color is the main character of my art. Through my artwork I aim to inspire others to admire the beauty of the ordinary, draw the attention to details and prompt to reconnect with the natural world. La Tinta is a world of plants that celebrates life; it is a space that brings joy and harmony by showing bursting color palettes that brighten up the common.

I like to create playful narratives that evoke happiness and emotions. I combine unstructured shapes with enthralling color mixtures, giving life to surreal illustration scenes and inventing unique pattern pieces.
Most of my inspiration comes from environmental elements such as plants and flowers; nevertheless, photography, interiorism, folk ornaments and textile design have contributed to my creative process.
Meet Fernanda and see her work at the exhibition’s opening reception on July 20 from 6 to 9 p.m.

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