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Fresh Flower Garland Making

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Learn how to make fresh flower garlands for decoration and adornment! Students will learn proper selection, care, and preparation of plant material for the making of garlands. Some techniques include knotting, braiding and lengthening the substrate.  These techniques are essential for manipulating natural plant materials. After learning how to make the base, students will focus on the most challenging part of making a garland, the placement of the flowers and greenery. Each student will fill their garland with flowers of their choice.
All participants will walk away with some form of a garland to showcase around their home or gift to a loved one. All flowers and foliage will be provided in class. Students are also encouraged to bring some flowers and foliage if they want to include specific plants into their garlands. 
Materials Included! 
Skill Level

all welcome

Age Group

Guided By
Artlyn Mali'o

Dates & Times
Wednesday, June 7, 2017, 6-8pm

Cancellation Policies
please visit our policies & privacy page.

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