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Summer Solstice Backyard Moon Circle 6/22
Summer Solstice Backyard Moon Circle 6/22
Summer Solstice Backyard Moon Circle 6/22
Summer Solstice Backyard Moon Circle 6/22
Summer Solstice Backyard Moon Circle 6/22
Summer Solstice Backyard Moon Circle 6/22
Summer Solstice Backyard Moon Circle 6/22
Summer Solstice Backyard Moon Circle 6/22
Summer Solstice Backyard Moon Circle 6/22

Summer Solstice Backyard Moon Circle 6/22

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Summer Solstice Gathering under the moonlight, outside with the Redwood, Douglas Fir and Oak trees in Erica's backyard.
When the full light of the Summer Solstice Sun shines it amplifies whatever we bring forward in offering. What do you want warmed and sparkled by the sun in your life?
Join our circle of women as we gather in the moonlight for a tea ceremony, guided meditation, song, shamanic journey, sharing and creating solstice wands.
This high point of summer asks us to merge with all of life and to really inhabit ourselves. Gather with us as we celebrate this sacred moment in our year. These special days we are gifted by Mother Nature are rich moments with the power of transformation and reflection.  Let's journey into the summer sunlight together and discover what wants to blaze within us.

The Solstice also marks the precise time that the dark begins growing again, and the light begins to dwindle. This shows us life's cycles just as grandmother moon reminds us of our cycles too. Yin in yang --- always.  We too are part of the moon's phases, the seasons, the circle of life. We often loose ourselves in the busyness of life's demands, throwing us off balance, leaving us ungrounded. These circles are a time to gather, witness life's cycles, learn from and remember to come back to ourselves and honor our natural rhythm.

Ritual happens in the sharing. We will come together, cast a circle of sacred space, and.... begin talking. Come join us under the moon for our women's circle of sharing, laughing, reflecting, and finding ourselves through each other and guided meditation.

In honor of the sacred pause that happens on the Solstice, we will be gathering outside, under the stars and the moonlight in Erica's backyard. We will be offering light snacks and drinks, hot tea, and supplies for making Solstice wands. Please dress in layers for warmth. Bring a back jack or low folding chair and blanket for comfort. And an item for the altar.
Erica's home is in the Oakland hills. We will provide the address closer to the Solstice.

This is for everyone who identifies as female - you may join us every month or drop in when you can. We love having young people with us for our rituals. Please bring your daughters and friends to join us and learn the power of sisterhood.

We are so happy to spend our third(!) year together, cultivating community and holding space for sacred moments.  We can't wait to create magic with you.

with love,

Shannon & Erica

We have limited space for this circle, please register now to save your seat.  

We sometimes lead a Shamanic Journey in our circles.  
What is Shamanic Journey?
Shamanism, the most ancient spiritual system known to humankind, is an earth-based spirituality that centers on all things being connected and having their own spirit and energy.  
A shamanic journey is a central feature of Shamanism where through ritual and drumming, one travels into an altered reality or the "spirit-world" for the purpose of gaining information, wisdom, and healing. In this modern age we can be our own shamans as we meet spirit guides in a safe, conscious, and inspiring journey. It is a wonderfully imaginative way to come into connection with your own deep knowledge.

All Materials Included! 

Dates & Times
Saturday, June 22nd, 6:00 - 9:30pm

Age Group
adults & mature young adults

Guided By
Shannon Hopkins & Erica Skone-Rees

Also available as a Private Class! 

"Lovely evening with beautiful women. Erica & Shannon held space for us to manifest ourselves, share, allowing for learning and listening to emerge in a soothing and creative way. A healing and inspiring journey. Grateful for the space, and these beautiful ladies!" - Mariana Nobre

"I had no idea what to expect but was blown away at how warm and comforting the gratitude journey was. I look forward to many more events here." -Lila Del Rosso

"I was having a terrible day but I left feeling energized and positive. Thank you!" -Kelly Ball