Gem Essences
Gem Essences
Gem Essences
Gem Essences
Gem Essences
Gem Essences
Gem Essences
Gem Essences
Gem Essences

Gem Essences

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By Root & Sky!

  • 1oz bottle
  • Created with intention under the summer solstice sun and full moon
  • Gem essence preserved in brandy and rosewater
  • Made in Oakland, Ca

Why We Love It
Hand created by infusing each bottle with a blend of crystals designed to let you harness their vibrational charge and enjoy the benefits of their support. Put a few drops on your tongue to harness their supportive power, or a few drops in your water bottle for an all day boost.

"Relax" contains essences of:
Rose Quartz- soothes your heart, the stone of love and self-love, gentle, compassionate, tender and healing
Snakeskin Agate- promotes inner peace and self love
Blue Lace Agate- extremely calming, brings peace of mind
Amethyst- relaxing, soothing, promotes connection to higher wisdom

"Intuition" contains essences of:
Blue Topaz- magnifies your physic abilities, promotes sharing and communication.
Blue Aventurine- to clear out old energy and make space for inner growth and spiritual work.
Lapis- to connect to your truth and intuition.
Blue Calcite- extremely calming and soothing, helps you hear your own needs.
Amethyst- extremely soothing, helps you relax and connect with yourself.
Angel Aura Quartz- to enhance your communication with your spirit guides and guardians, promotes inner peace and is really supportive to your manifestations.

"Confidence" contains essences of:
Amethyst and citrine spirit cactus quartz- increases feelings of self-worth and empowerment, amplifies all other crystals in the blend.
Citrine spear- for radiant confidence and supportive boundaries.
Red aventurine- for taking action towards your dreams, inviting in more earth and fire energy, fanning your love of life flames.

"Entrepreneur Elixer" contains essences of:
Green Aventurine- a lucky stone, great for manifesting wealth and opportunities
Raw Rainbow Fluorite- to help you show up for your life purpose and walk your path
Ruby in Fuchsite- to dissolve emotional blocks holding you back
Jade- to draw money into your life, also good for love and protection from misfortunes
Green Calcite- extremely stable energy, great for manifesting prosperity and business growth
Grossularite- a powerful prosperity and abundance stone, great for bringing your visions to life
Green Beryl- to overcome obstacles and get things done

"Focus" contains essences of:
Citrine- for confidence, healthy boundaries and radiant energy.
Green Beryl- to get things done and overcome obstacles in your way.

"Grounding" contains essence of:
Serpentine- found locally on Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, California. Pure mountain energy, deeply grounding and and gently energizing.

"Abundance" contains essences of:
Green Calcite- extremely stable energy, great for manifesting prosperity and success
Amazonite- bolsters your confidence, helps you communicate your truth with balance and integrity
Nephrite Jade- enhances creativity and abundance
Blue Apatite- helps you not to get caught in the weeds, gives you a higher perspective on situations
Olive Jade- attracts prosperity and wealth, money draw

"Pleasure" contains essences of:
Rose Quartz- the stone of love and self-love, promotes feelings of love and tenderness
Red Aventurine- fire energy, express your passion and love of life
Tangerine Quartz- helps you put the past behind you and be in the present
Snakeskin Agate- promotes inner peace and self-love
Lemon Chrysoprase- stay centered in your heart, helps prepare you for a new or deeper relationship
Atlantisite- open your senses
Aquamarine- free yourself from old ways of thinking and 'go with the flow'
Hemimorphite- clear blocks to real love and connection


*Pictures and information by Root & Sky