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jacinto castillo >>> april - june 2016

Jacinto Castillo is an illustrator who was born in San Francisco but now resides in the East Bay with his beautiful ladies Kelly (fiance) and Ava (daughter). With over 10 years experience as a freelance artist in San Francisco and another half dozen shows on his resume, Jacinto has been getting more recognition as a local favorite among fellow artists. He is known for finding interesting objects and giving them new life through his work. His architectural background gives his work a realistic feel while his playful side is always what makes his work so special. The Bay Area's rich architectural history has been the main inspiration for his unique illustrations. Within the lines of subtle imperfections, his whimsical style creates a life of pure fantasy and reality.
View Jacinto's work at Rare Bird April - June 2016,  and meet the artist at our opening reception, Thursday, April 21st, 6-9pm.
Check out more about him here.

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