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kristina ten >>> july - september 2017

Kristina Ten is a weaver and writer based in Oakland. Her work is influenced by the places she has called home and the landscapes she finds most familiar, from the coastal redwoods of California to the red-rock deserts of Arizona to the vast Siberian plains around Lake Baikal.

Inspired by folktales told around the world, Kristina’s latest series of tapestries is built on the belief that magic lives everywhere—especially among the mundane. Each piece explores a different story through bold iconography, unexpected composition, and the appearance of characters like Baba Yaga and Anansi.

Kristina’s writing informs her weaving, and vice versa. Her poetry has been published in Word Riot, The Awl, Pantheon Magazine, The Literateur, Quiet Lightning, and elsewhere.

Meet Kristina and see her work at the exhibition’s opening reception on July 20 from 6 to 9 p.m.

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