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Money Blocks: Untangling Your Relationship with Money

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Is your fear of success holding you back? Most makers, creators, and entrepreneurs are more afraid of success than failure. True story. Our success in business is an inside job. Until you've tackled the emotional pieces holding you back, the external success will be built on quicksand. Come spend an evening diving into all the emotional blocks standing in between you and money. Ellen will guide you through how to explore your blocks, as well as guide you through concrete and practical ways to shift and work through them. It'll be a lighthearted approach to what can be a heavy subject. We'll have some wine, art supplies, and your open heart. You'll leave with a better understanding of yourself and how to have a healthier relationship with money, so you can make more of it!


Materials Included! 

Skill Level
Must be self-employed

Age Group

Guided By
Ellen Ercolini

Dates & Times
Thursday, June 8, 2017, 6:30-8:30 pm

Cancellation Policies
please visit our policies & privacy page.

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