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Mystic Tune Up ~ The Tarot: Online Workshop
Mystic Tune Up ~ The Tarot: Online Workshop

Mystic Tune Up ~ The Tarot: Online Workshop

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Whatever your relationship with the Tarot, whether you’ve been using it daily for decades or never cracked a deck, this will be a wild, playful and rich journey connecting you to the human and mythic wisdom that is inside tarot decks and inside all of us.
This online course explores the Tarot in Jenafer Joy's playful & deep art journal style. You’ll be working with the Major Arcana cards and progressing through the evolutionary sequence of the tarot in our journals. Each week has a delicious diverse selection of prompts based on the themes, inherent inquiries and the gestalt of the card at hand. Course includes videos, audio recordings, and simple written prompts.  You will be able to keep up with 10-15 minutes a day or binge and rest at your own pace. What a rich transformative journey that will be! 

"Even though I "knew" the tarot - I found that walking it gave me such a deeper understanding."


Required & Recommended

  • At least one Tarot deck – My favorite is the Morgan Greer Tarot Deck but use one you have or purchase whichever one has the strongest pull for you!
  • At least one tarot book. I recommend Easy Tarot Guide by Marcia Masino and The Tarot Handbook by Angeles Arrien. A few books to reference would be great during this course if you have the inclination
  • A computer with internet to access the course and watch the videos.
  • A camera to document your journaling- whatever you have is fine. phone, professional, disposable.

Art Supplies

  • Journal – I suggest the Canson XL Mix Media in 9×12 size
  • Acrylic Paint -Golden Fluid style really is awesome, but you can use any other brand of acrylics you have already. If you are just starting and pick a short rainbow of colors in the 1 oz size : (red-yellow-blue-white-brown-black) then expand as your budget will allow.
  • Brushes ~ a few assorted sizes. If you are starting and on a limited budget get a flat, a round and liner in small-medium range. Ones designed for oils are nice – a bit stiffer.
  • Waterproof pen for outlining and writing. My favorite is the Black Faber-Castell Artist pen brush nib. Sharpies work great too. You might toss in the White Sakura Gelly Roll Regular Gel Ink Pen – 0.4 mm as well.
  • Derwent Inktense Pencils – in a short rainbow of colors (I love how these watercolor pencils behave but use what you have if you’re not up for purchasing)
  • Patterned scrapbooking papers, magazine pages, book pages and photos. odds and end images.
  • Paper cement (or glue of your choice) or Gel Medium Matte (Liquitex is great)


About Jenafer Joy
Jena has been leading healing & creative arts courses since 2003 and most particularly enjoys tromping about at the intersection of intuition and art.

Jena’s specialty is inspired inquiry for introverts – quick playful gentle nudges accompanied by good music to carry you towards your own deep important answers.

In addition to running her own courses at www.inspiredinquiries.com, Jena is a long time member and teacher in the Cosmic Cowgirls community and an enthusiastic member of the Guild of Intentional Creativity. You’ll find her behind the scenes and narrating many Cosmic Cowgirl courses including the Color of Woman Teacher Training.

Jenafer Joy lives with her magical red haired daughter Hazel and her storytelling furniture making husband Erik at the edge of the world – aka Mendocino. When she’s not keeping all these online courses humming, you can find her splashing paint with her daughter, chasing the neighbor's rogue cows out of the yard, and brewing coffee & tall tales with her husband.

"Thank you, Jenafer, for so many things, but especially for giving be the confidence to even try to draw. I know I am at the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, melting into a whole new creative awareness of THE WORLD around me. You began the journey with THE WALK and I know, like with the FOOL, the first step can be a doozy. So many fears and intimidations have been shed along the way and though I am not yet confident with this new ability to make visual what I see in my mind’s eye, I am no longer in the dark. You ignited the spark, fanned the flame, provided a receptacle to hold a space for the growth. You are a wonder, wonderful. And I look forward to the continuing journey."

"Perhaps, Jenafer, you might consider changing the course title from Mystic Tune Up to Major Overhaul! That’s certainly been my experience of this fascinating journey. Your gentle wisdom and provocative exercises have lead this Fool thru major breakthroughs to the opening of a new, totally unexpected path. This course has been truly life altering!"