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Natural Perfume & Cologne Oils
Natural Perfume & Cologne Oils
Natural Perfume & Cologne Oils

Natural Perfume & Cologne Oils

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Take your team out of the office to a studio full of amazing smells and potions. Design your own all natural perfume or cologne using essential oils.

A magical blend of wonderful scents and healing potential, if you’ve ever wanted to learn more about plant medicine – essential oils are a great place to begin. They offer a safe, natural resource for self-care and are a great complement to other health and healing practices. 

Get away from the office and step into a world of apothecary with over 30 essential oils – from frankincense to clary sage, juniper, rose geranium and crisp grapefruit. Discover your plant and scent allies and be inspired to create your own perfume or cologne.

You can customize this workshop to meet your budget by including one or two perfume blends for each person. This project typically takes 2 hours though will increase with time based on the number of blends and size of your team.

You are always welcome to bring snacks and refreshments for your team to enjoy. We also rent the studio by the hour to host lunch, meetings, gift exchanges or whatever you can dream up to make your team outing more enjoyable. 

We are happy to extend our student discount of 20% off in the shop and on future workshops to every member of your team. 

Fine Print:

  • To book a date please email
  • We require a 50% deposit to hold a date and confirm your event.
  • Deposits are not refundable less than 20 days  prior to the event.
  • If you need to cancel an event we charge a 5% fee which is the merchant credit card fee we are charged at the time of purchase and again to process a refund.