Recognizing Yourself as Spirit: meditation Basics 9/11
Recognizing Yourself as Spirit: meditation Basics 9/11

Recognizing Yourself as Spirit: meditation Basics 9/11

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We are familiar with our physical, emotional and mental selves, but rarely have an opportunity to experience ourselves as spirit. Active meditation is a path to experiencing spirit by using energy tools to crate change in your self / space.

Adi Shakti has been practicing the healing arts for 30 years. In this class she will teach you to use energy tools to own your space, to ground, be in the center of your head, create and destroy roses and call your energy back.

By being still in the body, detaching from emotions and quieting your thoughts, you experience a different space called spirit, or your energy self.

The advantage of active meditation is learning what it feels like to be in your body; which naturally puts you in present time; which is naturally your place of power to create your life. This organically leads to self acceptance, self love, and peace. Ultimately leads to an awareness of the divine, greater all, universe etc.

We will also be working with collage to externalize what our grounding space looks like and what might be blocking it. Finally ending with a meditation focusing on deserving to own our space, and to be grounded.

Skill Level
all welcome

Dates & Times
Tuesday, September 11th, 7:00-9:15pm

Guided By
Adi Shakti
Adi graduated from CCAC with a Bachelors degree in Photography, whereupon she segued into healing work. First studying and being certified in massage, then Rosenwork, and finally Energy Readings and Healings. She is an insatiably curious Aquarius who enjoys exploring the inner world through imagery and meditation. And enjoys teaching others the skills of self awareness. She has been practicing the Healing Arts for 30 years.

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