Sacred Tools : Herb Bundles & Feather Craft 2/17

Sacred Tools : Herb Bundles & Feather Craft 2/17

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Sacred Tools  :  Herb Bundles & Feather Craft 

For all of time people have burned various plant materials to cleanse, bless, and set the tone for sacred space and ceremony. Although the healing properties of each plant varies, the overall intention when we cleanse with herbs is to clear out negative energy and remove blockages from self or space.

In this workshop we will create two Earth-based ritual tools for use in your daily wellness practice. We will make one herbal smudge wand and bind wild feathers to create one beautiful smudging fan. All natural materials are local, sustainably sourced, and wildcrafted.

In class we will:

  • Begin with a short smudging ritual.
  • Connect with the plants and animal spirits of the materials we use.
  • Learn about the various attributes of the plants.
  • Discuss sustainable harvesting methods.
  • Design one smudge bundle and one feather fan.

There is great power and healing potential in making your own sacred tools. Sacred tools are those objects, symbols, plants, and words that anyone might use when connecting in to a spiritual, religious, or mindfulness practice. When you take the time to create with nature and weave these tools into your daily life, you begin to make room for what’s sacred to you, and to develop an intentional practice of connection with yourself and the natural world.

There are only 10 seats open for this class. Register to hold your space. 

Materials Included! 

Date & Time
Sunday, February 17, 11:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Skill Level
Appropriate for beginners as well as for those who are familiar with essential oils.

Age Group
Adults, mature young people are welcome with an adult. 

Tracy Chocholousek

Tracy is the creatrix behind White Sage Wellness where she weaves together her background in holistic psychotherapy, aromatherapy, and nature-based healing practices. She has a full product line of essential oil sprays and oil blends for home and body. She is a mother to one rascally boy, one dog and two cats – who all drive her madly in love and inspire her passion to create and be in nature every chance she can get. When she isn’t outdoors she can often be found working with plants, essential oils and nature objects crafting healing products and ritual tools. She has been nurturing her relationships with plant oils for over 15 years and loves to share the magic that can be discovered in personalizing one’s own blends.

Also available as a Team building workshop or Art Party! 

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