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Tarot in Reverse
Tarot in Reverse

Tarot in Reverse

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Written by author Janet Boyer in a fun, accessible style, Tarot in Reverse is an accessible yet comprehensive reference for reading upside down cards in a Tarot spread. Interpreting reversed cards is one of the major obstacles for both the beginner and the seasoned Tarot reader. With this guide’s extensive “at a glance” keyword list and contemporary anecdotes for each card, readers are equipped to understand reversals immediately, without complex psychological methodology. Hundreds of reversed keywords and phrases boost confidence in readings and expand personal card associations. Addressing life’s reversals, each card also includes a related quote, advice, and twenty affirmations providing additional help with life’s journey. Full-color card images from the Universal Waite illustrate the concepts. 

Full-color, glossy pages feature both the upright and reversed images of all 78 Tarot cards from the Universal Waite Tarot.

  • The definitive book on Tarot reversals
  • No complex psychological methodology; just hundreds of reversed keywords and phrases, with contemporary anecdotes for each card
  • 1,650 card-specific affirmations for dealing with life's reversals
There are only two other books on the market dedicated to Tarot reversals--both heavy on theory, with minimal or no keywords. Tarot in Reverse, however, is the first book that provides extensive keywords and phrases for reversed meanings, as well as modern anecdotal examples for each card.

Interpreting reversed cards is one of the major obstacles for both beginner and seasoned Tarot readers. With its "at a glance" keyword list, Tarot in Reverse equips readers to interpret reversals immediately, boosting confidence and expanding personal card associations. 

Number of pages: 192.