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Catch A Dream: Dream Catchers

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Dream catchers kept the dreams of Native American children safe for centuries while they slept and were originally made of willow, feathers, stones and sage. They are believed to protect your families thoughts and dreams from nightmares and negative energy. The good dreams are allowed to pass effortlessly through the middle of the dream catcher while the nightmares become trapped in the web to be dissolved in the morning sun at dawn.

Learn how to create your own stunning dreamcatchers for everyday magic and protection for your own household. This is a fun, relaxing, and quick skill that students will enjoy learning while sipping cups of late afternoon tea. Mamas and babes are also welcome. You can make a unique dream catcher for yourself or your child for protection while they sleep!

Materials Included! 

    Skill Level
    all welcome

    Age Group

    Guided By
    Artlyn Mali'o

    Dates & Times
    Saturday, May 13th, from 4-5:30pm

    Cancellation Policies
    please visit our policies & privacy page.

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