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The Science, Art & Magic of Paying Attention

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This is a series. The Science, Art & Magic of Paying Attention... PART 1: Thoughts PART 2: Changing & Playing with Thoughts PART 3: Emotions PART 4: True Self (Authenticity)

Each workshop is works off the following:
SCIENCE: Discover the latest in neuroscience and participate in activities to connect paying attention to thoughts, emotions, mind-body, and wellbeing.

ART: We are each an artist of our reality. By paying attention, we select our palette and design our life. We can design a less stressful, more joyful life with honesty, patience, and practice.

MAGIC: By paying attention, we have the power to make every interaction a magical moment, reducing suffering and changing the world one thought at a time.

RECIPES FOR LIFE CARDS: Each class comes with a set of cards. As we review material, share and engage in activities, you are invited to doodle, color, write words - things that help make the concept resonate. The best way to learn is to build personal connections to the material.

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Sabrina Walasek
I have lived in many places and traveled to over 55 countries. Mindfulness is my passion because it embodies my experience when I am out in the world untethered: a heightened sense of the present, trust that the universe will deliver what is right, and the joy of the unexpected. As a science teacher, I believe curiosity is the motivator for learning, awareness is the connective tissue, and joy is the outcome. It applies to all of life. I live in Oakland with my husband and pup.

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