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The Unwind Illumination Series: Elevate Your Business & Your Life

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You're a strong woman. An entrepreneur. Your business and your life go hand in hand. Imagine what your life would look like if you could illuminate your roadblocks and elevate your business.  
In the Unwind Illumination Series we explore and unpack your needs coupled with the needs of your business. 
These workshops are designed to be interactive, drawing from the collective wisdom of the group, and facilitated by an amazing lineup of coaches who will use their unique perspectives and leadership styles to guide the group towards elevation and illumination. Plan to leave these workshops with new ideas, plans of action and aha moments! 
We only have 15 spots available per class so please register now to save your seat. You are welcome to register for one or more of the workshops at a time. *we require an 8 person minimum to run each workshop. 

There is no parking in the back parking lot so please make sure to arrive early to find street parking in the Piedmont Avenue area.

While we will have some small snacks and refreshments, please bring a lunch if you will be needing something more. There are also restaurants close by if you would like to grab a bite to eat before class starts.

Bonus!! Rare Bird will offer a 20% discount to participants on the day of their workshop!
Our Coaches!
Ellen Ercolini- A savvy certified life coach in Oakland, Ca who has devoted her life to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses. She helps business owners look inside themselves to find out what they really need to make their businesses and themselves thrive from the inside out. She believes that the business should work for you, not the other way around. See her in action during our June 9th class! Learn more about Ellen
Kate Marolt- Has worked with countless women to help them discover their true inner self and strength. By becoming "Soul Strong" her clients are able to break the walls that they built around themselves to achieve the true life and self that they desire. Find your true soul with Kate in our July 14th class! Learn more about Kate
Akanke Adefunmi- Is a personal success coach who has helped women discover their own creative power. Learn your own  power, creativity, resourcefulness, intelligence and gifts to become your own champion and "Shero" at her August 11th class! 
Learn more about Akanke
Rachel Rosen- She supports the growth and development of leaders to help them achieve a strong and positive community within their companies through her S.P.A.R.K. program. She is extremely knowledgeable in team development and leadership training. Join her for her September 15th class! Learn more about Rachel
Kate Oppenheimer- Is the Leader of the Oppenheimer Group. A business that she created to help small businesses and leaders learn how to create vibrant, inspiring, and productive workspaces for their teams. Join her October 13th class! 
Learn more about Kate
November 3rd class- TBD

Skill Level
All skill levels welcome 

Age Group

Dates & Times
Fridays, June 9th, July 14th, August 11th, September 15th, October 13th, and November 3rd, 2017, from 11:30am-2:30 pm

Cancellation Policies
please visit our policies & privacy page.


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