Winter Solstice Moon Circle 12/19
Winter Solstice Moon Circle 12/19
Winter Solstice Moon Circle 12/19
Winter Solstice Moon Circle 12/19
Winter Solstice Moon Circle 12/19
Winter Solstice Moon Circle 12/19

Winter Solstice Moon Circle 12/19

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Winter Solstice Moon Circle

All over the world we have rituals of gathering and lighting up the winter at this time of year. The world celebrates the light returning with Christmas, Festival of the Lights, Hanukkah, and many other celebratory traditions practiced by many people and cultures. 
We have an annual tradition at our moon circles of meeting Deer Mother in this season. The beloved Deer Mother has been a revered figure for millennia honored by the people in the British isles through Russian and Siberia and into the Americas.  It was believed she drew the sleigh of the sun goddess across the sky carrying the sun in her antlers on Solstice. Since pagan times she has drifted into the mists but she lives on in the 8 reindeer who carry Santa's sleigh through the night to deliver gifts in the Christmas story. We are remembering our past and welcoming Deer Mother's wisdom into our present at this time. She has some wise words and sweet love to bestow on us all. She is always a deep guide who infuses our circle with a mystical presence.
We will have time to share with each other, participate in a creative project, light candles, write, and go on a shamanic journey to meet Deer Mother. 
Come soothe your should with a warm circle of connection and a warm cup of tea as we sink into date darkness and find our spark of light. Invite your friends, mothers, and daughters to join us for my favorite circle of the year. 
We can't wait to create magic with you.
with love,
Shannon & Erica

Beginners welcome! No prior experience in meditation, journeying or art necessary!  This is a fun exploration that requires only your presence. 

What is Shamanic Journey?
Shamanism is especially associated with the native peoples of Siberia in northern Asia. Shamanism, the most ancient spiritual system known to humankind, is an earth-based spirituality that centers on all things being connected and having their own spirit and energy.  Shamanism has persisted all over the world since its inception in ancient native cultures, including Siberian, Indian, Native American, and South American Shamans. 
A shamanic journey is a central feature of Shamanism where through ritual and drumming, one travels into an altered reality or the "spirit-world" for the purpose of gaining information, wisdom, and healing. In this modern age we can be our own shamans as we meet spirit guides in a safe, conscious, and inspiring journey. It is a wonderfully imaginative way to come into connection with your own deep knowledge. If you have never had any experience with these things - not to worry! During the drumming portion of our evening we will drum for you and you can let the drum be your guide. It is a deeply relaxing experience for the body and mind. The rhythmic beat of the drum shifts the brain waves into a healing and open theta state where one is open to new ideas and thoughts. 

Dates & Times
Thursday, December 19th, 6:15 pm - 9:00 pm

All Materials Included! 

Skill Level
all skill levels welcome

Age Group
adults & mature young adults

Guided By
Shannon Hopkins & Erica Skone-Rees

We Love it! 
"I had no idea what to expect, but was blown away at how warm and comforting the journey was. I look forward to many more events here."

Also available as a Private Class! 

Cancellation Policies
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